"Frozen Waves": A special phenomenon near Athens in the Argosaronic (VIDEO)

athens frozen waters

No matter how many places you visit in Athens and the wider area of Attica, you will always be surprised by images, especially when you see them from above. In this way, you can detect various points and phenomena that you did not imagine existed.

According to exploringgreece.tv, one such example is the "Frozen Waves", a special phenomenon in Attica that is indeed very impressive and you might not have known about it until now. This phenomenon occurs in the Argosaronic Sea and images of it are certainly rare.

One might call it "Frozen Waves" and rightfully so since that's what they look like.

The Video:

If you observe from above, you will see that no matter how the sea moves above them, these waves seem to remain still, forming a corridor of white sand. Even more impressive is the turquoise water that makes the effect dreamlike.

This is a rare phenomenon which is observed in an area between Agistri and Aegina in the Saronic Gulf very close to the islet of Metope. It is considered by some that the shallows around the islet of Metopi were once land which was connected to Agistri and Aegina, but after centuries they sank.

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