Is This What Alexander the Great Looked Like? (Video)

Is This What Alexander the Great Really Looked Like? (Video)

Alexander the Great is undoubtedly one of the most legendary figures in history, known for his military prowess and brief but impactful life. By age 18, Alexander fought alongside his father against Athens and Thebes in the battle of Corinthia, showcasing his military prowess for the first time.

However, his relationship with his father became strained, and after Philip's death, Alexander succeeded him as king of Macedonia. He faced rivals and rebellions at every turn. Still, he would go on to lead one of the most significant military campaigns in history against the vast Persian Empire, stretching from India to Greece.
Using modern technology and historical records, researchers have created a facial reconstruction of what Alexander may have looked like in his lifetime. This newfound understanding of Alexander's appearance provides a fascinating insight into the life of this iconic figure.

Top image: A facial reconstruction of Alexander the Great. Source: Royalty Now Studios / YouTube Screenshot.


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