Hospital staff in Athens issued fake health certificates to prostitutes


An employee of a hospital in Attica, who issued fake health certificates to women for 60-80 euros, was arrested by the Internal Affairs Service of the Security Forces.

Proto Thema reported that the specific employee is accused of bribing an employee and continuous forgery, as well as breach of duty.

According to the case file, the accused issued and granted fake health certificates to women, without them proceeding with the prescribed and necessary medical examinations.

As emerged from the investigation, the employee in question, with responsibility for the processing and analysis of the blood samples taken from examinees and having access to the official documents and records of his Service, completed and issued medical certificates without, in most cases, having performed the prescribed medical examinations for sexually transmitted diseases and other infectious diseases.

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How he falsified the documents

In particular, after issuing the results of tests for which he was responsible, but also of tests for which he was not responsible, he proceeded to certify them, by signing himself in the name of a competent doctor and putting a fake hospital seal on them .

In this way, he bypassed the prescribed procedure, according to which the results of the examinations should be checked after consideration by a doctor. Only then the relevant certificates should be granted to the interested parties by the Hospital's secretariat.

At least 101 identified cases

The arrested person, mainly since the beginning of 2023, acted in the above-mentioned manner in at least 101 identified cases. These concern certificates, from various regions of Greece, and had the aim of earning illegal income, while for each certificate he received the sum of 60-80 euros.

From the searches carried out in his office and home, an electronic computer, a laptop, a mobile phone, 4 medical tests and 2 fake stamps were found and confiscated. The arrested person will be taken to the competent prosecuting authority.

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