MYKONOS: Pakistanis stabbed their compatriot over financial differences

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There was a wild scene in Mykonos on Sunday when two Pakistanis repeatedly stabbed in the abdomen a compatriot who they had financial disputes with.

Police on the island, after extensive searches, succeeded in locating on Monday the two perpetrators of Pakistani origin, who were wanted for causing dangerous bodily harm.

The police officers initially managed to arrest the first assailant, while the second suspect fled, resulting in a foot chase. Police officers managed to arrest the second assailant 100 metres away.

In a physical search of the perpetrators, two knives and a piece of blade were found in their possession. They were identified by the victim and were exposed of having a motive to extort money from him.

knife, knives
Image from Proto Thema.

It should be noted that this specific police unit has only been on the island for three days and apart from these arrests, it has brought two other people to justice for possession of narcotic substances.

In Mykonos for the last 2 years, police units have been deployed by the Directorate of Attica Security in the context of strengthening the policing of the island.

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