SYRIZA parliamentary candidate appeared on ERT with the most unkempt hair in history

SYRIZA, Athanasios Papachristopoulos

SYRIZA MP Athanasios Papachristopoulos appeared on ERT's morning show with his hair taking all the attention. 

On Tuesday morning, Papachristopoulos was a guest on ERT's "Connections" show, who was asked to comment on the plan of Euclid Tsakalotos group for a "local currency".

The candidate for the Western Sector of Athens with SYRIZA, literally stole the show because he appeared with a meticulously unkempt look that even the late Sid Vicious of the Sex Pistols would be jealous of.

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Meanwhile, SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance leader Alexis Tsipras stated his firm commitment to support railway workers during his speech in Piraeus on Tuesday evening.

Piraeus is one of three constituencies where the main opposition party leader is running as a candidate MP in the upcoming May 21 elections, the other two being the Dodecanese Islands and the prefecture of Serres in northern Greece.

He chose to run in Piraeus because of its association with the history of labour struggles, the efforts of small and medium entrepreneurship, and the country's shipping industry.

Tsipras mentioned that he met earlier on the day with Urban Rail Transport (STASY) workers' unions, and said he would reduce the price of the monthly travelcard in urban transport from the current 27 euros to 10 euros.

Concerning more local transport issues, Tsipras said he would like to revive an older agreement for the construction "of the so-called Hippodamia market at the [former] green bus depot, which would be an oasis for the region and for the local community" in Piraeus.

Finally, he mentioned Syriza's plan to put ISAP's Faliro-Piraeus segment underground.

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