Animal cruelty in Filiatra: Man hangs a dog on a tree and danced around the corpse

filiatra dog dogs

A dog in Filiatra in the Peloponnese was the victim of unthinkable animal cruelty. After beating the dog to death and hanging the body from a tree, he then played folk music and danced half-naked around the lifeless corpse.

The video published by Proto Thema shows the unimaginable cruelty to the animal, which occurred at 6 pm on May 1.

The video was taken by an eyewitness, who also called a police car. Police officers rushed to the scene but did not manage to find the man, who had already disappeared!

In addition to the police, animal welfare organisations were also notified, a case file was created and the testimony of the eyewitness and the visual material was forwarded to the Prosecutor.

The owner of the animal, accompanied by his lawyer, has been summoned to give a statement without trial and then, the investigator and the prosecutor will decide on whether to prosecute.

The lawyer of the Panhellenic Philanthropic Society, Mrs. Elena Arvaniti, emphasised that: "Looking forward to the exemplary punishment and the prosecution for a felony of the perpetrator of the heinous killing of a companion animal in Filiatra."

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