"Behind the Haystacks: A Gripping Greek Drama Set to Dazzle Audiences at the 2023 Sydney Film Festival"

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The 2023 Sydney Film Festival is set to showcase a diverse range of films from around the world, and "Behind the Haystacks" is a highly anticipated feature. Directed by Greek filmmaker Asimina Proedrou.

"Behind the Haystacks" directed by Asimina Proedrou is a 2022 Greek film that tells the story of a debt-ridden fisherman named Stergios who uses the Doiran Lake on the Greece-North Macedonia border to smuggle refugees for profit. This decision draws him and his family into an intense moral quagmire. The film is told through an elliptical, Rashomon-esque narrative, where the consequences of self-motivated desires and prejudices are gradually revealed.

As the film explores the consequences of the refugee crisis, it sheds light on issues of religious hypocrisy, xenophobia, and constrictive borders. The visuals are strikingly lyrical, and the film promises to be a powerful exploration of a complex and pressing issue.

“Behind the Haystacks” premiered at Thessaloniki’s Meet the Neighbors competition, which featured directors for the first and second time from a wider region of South-Eastern Europe, the Eastern Mediterranean and the Middle East, where it earned a Special Mention from the Jury.

It also won the FIPRESCI Award for a Greek film by Intl. Federation of Film Critics, as well as a Greek Critics Association Award, an award from the Greek public broadcaster ERT, and an award from the Greek Film Center.

Location manager Giorgos Babanras was also honoured for his work in the film, which was shot against the rugged backdrop of Greece’s border with North Macedonia. Written and directed by Proedro, “Behind the Haystacks” is produced by Iona Bolomiti, Marcus Halbersmidt, Vladimir Anastasov. and Angela Nesterowska, and co-produced by Anna Janxo.

If you're interested in watching "Behind the Haystacks," it is available to book tickets for the 70th Sydney Film Festival. The film is unclassified, with a runtime of 119 minutes and is recommended for viewers aged 15 and above. You can also save up to $270 by purchasing a Flexipass for the festival.

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