Santorini shops sold cannabis and allowed its consumption on site

Santorini cannabis

Like the infamous Coffee Shops of Amsterdam, three shops operated in Santorini which, along with other products, had for sale quantities of raw cannabis and its derivatives and even allowed their customers to use it within their limited premises!

During an operation carried out on Monday night by the Thira Police Sub-Directorate, an owner, three employees and three customers of the shops, three Greeks and four foreigners, were arrested.

In their possession and in the premises of the shops, which did not have a license to operate, were found raw cannabis weighing one kilogram and 498 grams, hashish oil weighing four litres and 320 grams, hemp tea weighing two kilograms and 640 grams, a substance of unknown chemical composition weighing 26 grams which were sent for analysis, 885 cannabis confections, 550 cigarettes, 95 packs of vaping cigarettes and 12 packs of cannabis flavouring.

All the illegal products were confiscated, and a case file was filed against the seven arrested for drug possession, use and distribution, with which they were taken to the Naxos District Court.

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