Eurovision 2023: The first reactions for the exclusion of Greece on Twitter

Victor Vernicos Eurovision 2023

The second semi-final of Eurovision 2023 has ended, with Greece not winning the coveted "ticket" for Saturday's grand final. The last time the Greek participation was excluded was in 2018 with Gianna Terzi and the song "My Dream".

Predictions for Victor Vernicos and his song, 'What They Say', were discouraging from the start and while the 16-year-old gave his best on stage, he failed to win over the competition's fans.

However, the decision to exclude Greece, a country known for its enthusiastic participation, left many concerned and once again divided social media.

See the appearance of the Greek participation

During the young singer's performance, the comments were not positive with many even commenting on his appearance, stating that he resembled a boy scout. But many did not fail to emphasise that despite his young age and possible anxiety, he managed to get on stage and try to bring Greece to the final.

Here are some reactions to Greece's exclusion:

"He did what he could for his age and inexperience and is a very likeable 16-year-old. Let's be happy with the remaining participations in the final and next year here we are again!"

"Was there a person waiting for us to pass?"

"The child is not to blame, these were his abilities, he did it. Those who sent it were to blame. They didn't have ears to hear that the song was bad, why did they choose it and advertise it as a favourite. What can I say?"

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