“Greece. A life-changing experience”: The AMAZING new tourism campaign (VIDEO)

Greece. A life-changing experience

“Greece. A life-changing experience” is the message that the Mediterranean country wants to send to attract visitors from abroad and strengthen the tourism product through its new advertising campaign.

The presentation of the campaign was held on Thursday at the GNTO’s press hall in the presence of Tourism Minister Vassilis Kikilias, the president of GNTO Angela Gerekou, GNTO’s general secretary Dimitris Fragakis and representatives from the tourism sector of Greece in the context of the assessment of the work of the organisation in the period 2019-2023.

In the last four years, GNTO’s efforts significantly contributed to keeping ‘alive’ the picture of Greece in the people's conscience during the pandemic. At the same time, the GNTO’s contribution catalysed the impressive recovery of Greek tourism.

Watch the campaign video:

The identity of the campaign "Greece. A life-changing experience"

What does a tomato taste like when washed in the sea? How does it feel to dive from high cliffs into crystal clear water? Want to dance in arms with strangers? GNTO has all the answers.

Holidays in Greece are not an easy task... Steps to climb, sand to walk on, roosters to wake you up, hot sun, dirt roads, villages in the middle of nowhere, unusual tastes.

But these "difficulties" arising from the untouched nature, simplicity and authenticity of the country are what make the vacation here, an unrepeatable life experience.

The GNTO wants to present this side of Greece this year, showing travelers that Greece can still offer, through its people and nature, experiences beyond the classic ones, like tasting a crimson tomato washed in sea water, a path leading to the most hidden beach or a night at a crazy island festival.

These are experiences so unique that some may have never experienced them before in their lives.

"Greek tourism has achieved a small miracle. It had the biggest tourism recovery in all of Europe and brought in revenues that strengthened the Greek economy and the average Greek family," said the Minister of Tourism Vassilis Kikilias.

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