Greece’s State Broadcaster ERT Uses Artificial Intelligence Presenter

This is "Hermis", an ERT presenter who presented the video for the politicians' debate

The use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is becoming more widespread in various fields, including writing and editing, and now a virtual TV presenter named Hermes has made his appearance on Greece’s state broadcaster ERT.

Hermes presented the news in a realistic human-like appearance and sound, which indicates the increasing level of realism of AI technology.

Despite some criticism from skeptics, Hermes' android-like appearance was similar enough to that of a human presenter, sparking concerns about the potential risks to journalism and the replacement of people with scientific images.

The virtual TV presenter is named after the ancient Greek messenger of the Gods and made his debut reading a short message from ERT’s Studio 4.

Although ERT hinted that Hermes may even cover the campaign and elections, it remains to be seen what such coverage would entail as AI cannot physically attend events. Nonetheless, the use of AI in journalism and broadcasting is expected to continue to increase.


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