GREEK ELECTIONS 2023: Diaspora to cast vote on May 20, one day ahead of home ballots

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The Greek diaspora will vote on Saturday, May 20, one day before the vote is held in Greece, said the Foreign Affairs Ministry's General Secretariat for Greeks Abroad & Public Diplomacy.

For the first time (per Article 2 of law 4648/2019), Greek voters residing outside of Greek territory can choose to vote from their place of residence instead of travelling to Greece to do so, the secretariat said in an announcement.

A total of 22,855 Greek voters abroad have registered in special foreign electoral rolls. Greek seamen who have not been included in electoral lists can also vote in 99 polling stations established in 35 countries.

Voters abroad who want to confirm their registration is set and be informed of their voting location should visit MPP YPES of the Interior Ministry, "Learn where you are voting" (in Greek, and fill in their surname, name, father's name, and year of birth.

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