"How much money do you have in the bank?": Greece's top Youtuber asks the most difficult question to Athenians

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You don't easily ask someone "how much money they have in the bank" because this particular question is somewhat special and personal.

Vibrator Productions, however, one of the most famous Greek Youtubers with more than half a million registered users on his channel, has accustomed us in recent years to his gallop with personal questions.

This time, therefore, he put aside the questions of love content and went down to Monastiraki to ask people "how much money they currently have in the bank ".

The videos he has uploaded on his YouTube account are interesting as we see the answers vary quite a bit.

From a student who has 4,000 euros on the side , without working, to a gentleman who once (during PASOK) had 30,000,000 drachmas in the bank and spent most of it at the bouzoukis.

We have seen realistic responses from people working in difficult professions, such as a chef who has 200 euros  set aside...

… but also another student, who, as she said, "receives a salary from her parents every month" and has 3,000 euros in the bank.

Of course, there were no shortage of meaningful answers from some.

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