My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3: Alexis Georgoulis Is Not In The Trailer - Is He In The Movie?

Nia Vardalos

We remind you that Alexis Georgoulis and Nia Vardalos maintain friendly relations and co-starred in 2009 in the movie "My Life In Ruins".

Alexis Georgoulis would have an important role in the development of the third film. Besides, in his interviews in the summer of 2022, he had announced his participation in the film for which he was very excited.

Watch the official trailer of the film:

When Alexis Georgoulis spoke about his participation in the film on the Maria Solomou
podcast 9 months ago, he said about his participation in the film and his role:

BIG Fat Greek Wedding Cast
My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3: Alexis Georgoulis Is Not In The Trailer - Is He In The Movie? 1

"I play a guy who is a farmer on an island, who does not say which exact island in the context of Nia Vardalos' film My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3… It's very interesting, I won't say exactly how it's done… The filming will take place in Corfu and Athens".
Watch the feature clip after 24:00:

European Parliament President Roberta Metsola announced that Belgian authorities have requested the removal of parliamentary immunity from Greek actor and SYRIZA MEP Alexis Georgoulis, 48, after a complaint of sexual harassment was made against him.

The complaint was made in 2020 and involved a member of the EU Commission legal service and a member of the political council of Greek political party PASOK. Metsola stated that the request has been referred to the legal affairs committee.

“I received a request from the competent Belgian authorities to lift the parliamentary immunity of Alexis Georgoulis. The request is referred to the legal affairs committee,” Metsola said at the start of a plenary session in Strasbourg.

Georgoulis, who rose to fame as a heartthrob 20 years ago through the Greek series ‘Eisai to Tairi Mou’ that was partly filmed in Australia, and the Hollywood film ‘My Life in Ruins’ with Nia Vardalos, denies the allegations.

The MEP has resigned from the SYRIZA party as well as the SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance group in the European Parliament, but intends to fight for justice and the removal of his immunity.

“To my great surprise, I am informed that an obviously false and slanderous complaint has been filed against me for an incident that allegedly happened three years ago. Unfortunately, we live in difficult and dangerous times. In the face of this false and insulting attack, which was carried out – probably not by chance – a few days before the national elections [in Greece], I intend to fight my battle for justice, for the truth and the rehabilitation of my name, requesting the removal of my MEP’s immunity,” Georgoulis stated.


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