A Cretan Baker's Life: 90-year-old Giorgos Hatziparaskos

In a small alley in Rethymnon, Giorgos and his wife Katerina Hatziparaskos have been perpetuating for over 60 years, the tradition of Baklava and Kadaifi.
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90-year-old Giorgos Hatziparaskos is one of the last people in Greece who still creates phyllo dough by hand.

Hatziparaskos loves opening the doors of his traditional bakery in Rethymno, to food lovers from around the world, allowing them to peek into the traditional pastry-making practices that are rarely seen in the country anymore.

In the local community in 1960, Hatziparaskos is famous. Locals flock to buy his famous handmade phyllo and tourists to taste his renowned baklava and kadaifi.

Hatziparaskos says it is a very tedious and difficult job, but it is what keeps him alive.

George Hatziparaskos is one of the last bakers in Greece, who creates a handmade sheet. With the help of his wife Katerina and son Paraskevas, he keeps the business alive thanks to the tourists who visit the Greek island of Crete.

You have to see George, 90-years-old, pour the threads of dough (wheat flour, corn flour, water and salt) on a rotating copper plate heated by gas and create balls of fine hair to make delicious phyllo pastries.

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30 Vernardou St Rethymno Crete

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