Greeks living abroad to vote on May 20

Greece seeks to lift diaspora voting restrictions

The 22,816 Greeks living abroad will vote on May 20, one day earlier. The voting in each of the 99 electoral divisions set up in 85 cities in 35 countries around the world will take place before an electoral committee, which will consist of the representative of the judicial authority, as president, and three electors.
Buildings of the Greek authorities, such as offices of the Greek Orthodox Church and buildings of Greek communities, clubs or other Greek organisations will mainly be used as voting centres.
Greeks living abroad do not mark a preference cross next to the name of the candidates. When the polls are closed, the electoral committees count the files, without opening them. The election bags with the expatriates' ballots will be transported the next day to the "Eleftherios Venizelos" airport and from there, accompanied by the Police, to the Athens Court of Appeal, where they will be opened and the votes will be sorted when the polls close in Greek territory.

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