Konstantinos Argiros: His moving message on Mothers Day for women who want to become mothers

Konstantinos Argiros

Konstantinos Argiros celebrated Mother's Day with posts on social media, dedicated to his mother, who played a decisive role in Greece because she was the first woman to give birth to triplets through IVF.

In the past, Argiros has spoken about the moment his mother entered the maternity ward to give birth to him and his two brothers.

The successful birth had made the headlines at the time.

In one of the photos he uploaded, the singer wrote to all those who wish or are trying for a child: "You can do it guys, don't let it get you down."

Check out his posts:

Konstantinos Argiros
Konstantinos Argiros

Konstantinos Argiros spoke in an inteview in April, among other things, about the possibility of representing Greece at Eurovision.

After a related question from Tasos Tryphonos in "Tet a Tet", the popular singer replied that it is something he has thought about. He explained the reason why it hasn't happened yet.

Argiros said: "I've been thinking about it a lot in recent years, the truth is, but I haven't felt ready. I have no news yet ready with the song. I would like it to be a Greek song that we can shape and to be in a more European global context".

In the same interview, he spoke about his parents' efforts to start a family, with his mother finally giving birth to triplets, the first in Greece.

About this, he said: "My parents were two people who fought in their lives to achieve things... They were people who chased their dreams. They met in Italy, in Rome, when they went to study. They have been together ever since."

"When they finished from Italy and returned to Athens, they struggled to start a family for many years. They had some woefully failed attempts at starting a family.

"They fought again and again. They got to the point where it couldn't be done in a normal way anymore, but they had such a strong will to start a family despite whatever problems they were having at the time, both in their finances and in their lives."

Watch the video:

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