Small tremor of magnitude 3.3 reported 7 km northeast of Skiathos, Greece

Earthquake Skiathos

A magnitude 3.3 earthquake near Skiathos, Magnesia, Thessaly, Greece, was reported 31 minutes ago by the National Observatory of Athens (NOA), considered the main national agency that monitors seismic activity in Greece.

The earthquake occurred at a shallow depth of 12.3 km beneath the epicenter in the morning on Tuesday, May 16th, 2023, at 9:38 am local time. Magnitude and other quake parameters can still change in the coming hours as the agency continues to process seismic data.
A second report was later issued by the European-Mediterranean Seismological Centre (EMSC), which listed it as a magnitude 3.3 earthquake as well. A third agency, the citizen-seismograph network of RaspberryShake, reported the same quake at magnitude 3.3.
Towns or cities near the epicenter where the quake might have been felt as very weak shaking include Skiathos (pop. 5,200) located 7 km from the epicenter, Skopelos (pop. 2,900) 20 km away, Argalasti (pop. 1,300) 26 km away, and Patitiri (pop. 1,600) 30 km away. In Istiaia (pop. 4,300, 43 km away), Zagora (pop. 2,400, 45 km away), Agria (pop. 5,500, 46 km away), Volos (pop. 86,000, 53 km away), and Nea Ionia (pop. 32,700, 55 km away), the quake was probably not felt.

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