Androulakis: PASOK's return to popularity has disturbed New Democracy and SYRIZA

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The return of PASOK-KINAL is "definitely happening, as a newly born movement founded in 1974" party leader Nikos Androulakis said in a campaign speech in Thessaloniki on Monday.

Speaking at the Thessaloniki International Fair's 'Ioannis Velidis' congress center, Androulakis criticized New Democracy leader and Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis and main opposition SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance leader Alexis Tsipras. He said they had "intensified their attacks against us these past few days, both above and below the table," once they saw the popular support Pasok has.

Mitsotakis in particular, he said, is fearful because New Democracy's power is based on Tsipras' failed opposition, which results in making the ruling party look good. "He knows very well that if there weren't a Tsipras on the scene, his government would be gone," Androulakis said.

But the Greek people cannot forget the Mitsotakis family history, with their political games and deep state. "PASOK will not become anybody's crutch," he stressed.

As for Tsipras, Androulakis said, "he is a leader of a digital deep state" that attacked a young woman who filed charges against a Syriza MEP who abused her sexually. "Mr. Tsipras has the gall to give us lessons on how to topple New Democracy - Mr. Tsipras, New Democracy's greatest sponsor: no week goes by that he does not provide some ground for Mr. Mitsotakis to use."

PASOK, Androulakis said, "is here to support the progressive Left and the progressive center, and the concerns of every democratic citizen," particularly vulnerable groups and the middle class.

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