Dendias: Greece and Turkey together could create 'a burst of opportunities and growth'

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Resolving the Greek-Turkish disagreement on maritime zones on International Law terms is his greatest dream for Greek foreign policy, Foreign Affairs Minister Nikos Dendias said in an interview on ERT's Proto Programma radio station on Tuesday.

"I believe that for both of our countries it will create a burst of opportunities and growth," he said. "Honestly, I believe that it would be a dream to 'erase' the Greek-Turkish difference from the map and have those two countries collaborate."

Greek-Turkish relations provided the toughest time for him as foreign minister, he said, when both countries sent their fleets out in the summer of 2020. Due to the level-headedness of both sides and their realistic attitude, the worst was averted.

Dendias said that Greece will work with whomever the Turkish people select as president during the runoff on May 28, and he expressed the hope that the window of opportunity that opened after the deadly earthquakes in Turkey in improved relations is maintained by his successor.

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