Mysterious Disappearance: Hopes Diminishing in the Search for Missing 75-Year-Old on Greek Island


Susan Hart went missing on Sunday, 30 April, after taking a ferry from Kalymnos to the remote island of Telendos with her husband, Ed.

She planned to wait at the front of the island while her partner went off rock climbing with a friend. When they returned, she had disappeared without a trace.

For over two weeks, the family from Bath, along with officials and volunteers, have tirelessly conducted a thorough search of the island in their efforts to locate Susan. The extensive search has involved a collective endeavour to find any leads or clues that could shed light on her disappearance.

Bethan Blackwell, Susan's daughter, spoke to The Mirror, expressing their profound concern and frustration. She questioned how someone could vanish without a trace, emphasizing the growing realization that the prospects of finding her alive diminish with each passing day. Bethan and her sisters are now uncertain about the next steps to take in this distressing situation.

Susan Hart was a former employee of the World Health Organisation.

She lives with her husband, Ed, in his native Switzerland.

According to The Mirror, the couple had been visiting the larger island of Kalymnos for around the last eight years.

Telendos is a smaller island about 0.6 miles (1 kilometre) off the coast of Kalymnos and an administrative part of the larger body. 

After making the ten-minute ferry trip from Kalymnos, Susan Hart planned to read for a while before heading to a local restaurant while her husband went climbing.

The Sun reported that she decided to sit out due to health problems. 

But when Ed returned, Susan had vanished - and nobody in the restaurant had seen her.

Anybody with information can contact the Greek Silver Alert Service at SOS 1065 or the British Vice Consulate at +30 22410 22005. 


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