Nikos Vertis: "I don't protect my personal life too much, I just try not to publicise it"

Nikos Vertis

Nikos Vertis answered questions he received from journalists and revealed the comments he often hears.

Speaking on the "Breakfast" show, he initially said: "As long as I have the right to answer whatever I want, it's not bad to ask."

As for the negative comments he receives occasionally, he said: "If they have substance and basis, the comments can sometimes touch me negatively. So they improve me."

Nikos Vertis said he keeps his personal life out of the public eye: "I am a normal person, I have also been in a relationship, and I have fallen in love. How can an artist not be in love and perform love songs? We are the first to pass the capsule."

"I just don't like to publicise my relationship," he added and also mentioned: "And having a photo with a girl next to me doesn't mean we're in a relationship at all. I have  female friends too."

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