No civilised nation can afford military courts in a democracy: MQM leader

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Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) leader Altaf Hussain, on Tuesday, said that a civilised nation could not afford military courts in a democracy. His statement came after the arrest of former Prime Minister Imran Khan. Terming the prevailing situation in Pakistan an "Unannounced Coup d'etat," the MQM leader said that Pakistani mainstream media reported that the political leaders, office bearers, activists and supporters belonging to the Pakistan Tehreek-e Insaf (PTI) would be tried in military courts, according to the Hussain's tweet.

He further stated that if this news is true then it is stunning news. "It is the Pakistani military that has ruled over the country for 50 years directly and the remaining 25 years of civilian rule was a dummy show as the military then ruled over the country from behind. Coup d'etat is the hobby of the corporate military of the country," Hussain said in a tweet.

"This is absolutely an absurdity to try the political leaders and activists in military courts while the judicial system, though quite weaker, is working in the country. It is not strange that the incumbent puppet civil federal and provincial governments are silent over this military adventure," he added. He further said, "This so-called military puppet civil federal government" should not give cover to the ambitious and power-hungry military establishment and must resign if it can't denounce the trial of civilians in military courts. No civilised nation can afford military courts in a democracy."

On May 9, Imran Khan was arrested by Rangers personnel from Islamabad High Court (IHC) -- acting on National Accountability Bureau's (NAB) warrant. The PTI chairman was arrested as part of NAB's investigation in the Al-Qadir Trust case ahead of his appearance before the IHC to seek bail in multiple FIRs registered against him.

Over the arrest of Imran Khan, the MQM leader said that the way the paramilitary Rangers insulted the sanctity of the court, broke windows and doors and arrested the PTI Chief was "shocking". He also claimed that Imran Khan, who was sitting on a chair, was badly manhandled and was dragged away from the wheelchair. Rangers threw him into a car with no respite in a cruel manner.

"The act was not only condemnable but completely unconstitutional and unlawful. I strongly condemn such inhuman action. Equally, I also feel that the way the Islamabad High Court held that arrest as justified was also shocking," Hussain said in a tweet. "It was an unconstitutional and unlawful arrest made in such a style of hooligan. It was so sad and heart-wrenching. The people would better endorse me. I would also spare no words to severely slam the military and the paramilitary Rangers because of the way they created chaos by unleashing their fury and wrath onto the peaceful civilians protesting against state measures and against the arrest of Imran Khan. It was a highly shameful and deplorable action," he added.

The MQM leader advised the leaders and the elected representatives of PTI that now their test has begun. PTI is supposed to take care of their workers and must get to know what their feelings and sentiments are. "PTI must provide every possible support to the workers who are at a protest against the unlawful and unconstitutional arrest of Imran Khan. They must not leave the workers in the doldrums. It is a universally recognised fundamental right of the people to stage a peaceful protest against any draconian measures and black laws, authoritarian decisions or actions of the state, especially the military establishment," the MQM leader said in a tweet. 


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