Rise of violent, hate-driven political leadership casts shadow of suspicion on Sikhs, says report

Khalistan India

The rise of violent and hate-driven political leadership has begun to cast a shadow of suspicion on Sikhs, even beyond their homeland, writes Harcharan Singh Parhar for Khalsa Vox.

Parhar writes that over the past 40 to 50 years, Sikhs have earned a highly respected position in foreign countries through their hard work and talent. Unfortunately, these achievements are now being overshadowed by the actions of those who are intent on sowing discord.

The stain of terrorism on Sikhs associated with the Air India plane incident in June 1985 has not yet been washed away, and daily fights over money boxes and control in gurudwaras, international students’ hooliganism, Sikh youths being caught in drug smuggling, killings in gang wars, unscrupulous and unconstitutional entrances into politics, and immigration fraud are bringing shame to the entire community.

These people have been suppressing the voice of the general public in the name of freedom of speech for some time now. Threats on social media, obscene language, slurs, and character assassination are being used to stop people from speaking their minds, according to Parhar in the Khalsa Vox article.

Sikh scholar Ajmer Singh in one of his videos mentioned that Amritpal Singh was involved in a troll army, which harasses people with the aforementioned actions.
“We could indeed scrutinize the violent actions and hooliganism being committed by this small section of our community in India and abroad, but how will you counter the impact it’s having on the perception of all Sikhs,” asks Parhar.

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