Greece's General Election Campaigns End Amid Uncertainty

Tsipras Mitsotakis New Democracy SYRIZA

Conservative Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis and his leftist rival Alexis Tsipras held closing rallies ahead of Greece's general election. Mitsotakis promised to build a "new Greece," while Tsipras called for an end to the "nightmare" of his rival's term.

Mitsotakis cited tax cuts, tougher immigration rules and solid growth as achievements during his term, speaking under the imposing Acropolis in Athens. He vowed to continue to build a new Greece after laying its foundation over the past four years.

Meanwhile, Tsipras, speaking in Greece's third-largest city, Patras, accused Mitsotakis of promising "better jobs and wages, only to have the middle class live on coupons." He urged voters to "open the door to change" and "end the nightmare" of the incumbent government.

Almost 10 million Greeks are eligible to vote on Sunday. The EU country enjoys economic stability after over a decade of debt woes, but rising living costs remain a key concern.

Mitsotakis and Tsipras have travelled from island to border in recent weeks, canvassing for votes in an election that, because of a change in the electoral system, may require a second round of voting -- likely on July 2.

Current polls give the outgoing prime minister a clear lead of five to seven percentage points, but the rules for Sunday's ballot set a high bar for an absolute majority that no party is likely to clear.

Overall, the country's future remains uncertain, with Greeks poised to make a critical decision about the government that will lead them in the coming years.

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