Ministry of Culture Announces Repatriation of 351 Antiquities and Ceramic Wares to Greece

By 4 months ago

After a protracted legal battle spanning 17 years, the Ministry of Culture revealed on Friday that a total of 351 antiquities, divided into 25 groups and spanning various historical periods from Neolithic to Byzantine times, will be returned to Greece. The artifacts were under the possession of Robin Symes Limited, which is currently undergoing liquidation.

Additionally, a significant number of fragmented ceramic wares will also be repatriated to Greece, although the exact count remains undetermined.

Culture Minister Lina Mendoni expressed her satisfaction with the outcome, highlighting the extensive efforts undertaken by officials from the Culture Ministry, archaeologists from previous governments, Greek law enforcement agencies, the judiciary, and the legal department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The extensive collection of returned artifacts includes notable pieces such as a Neolithic-era statuette carved from white stone, dating back to the 4th millennium BC. Other significant finds comprise an Early Cycladic figurine from the period between 3200 and 2700 BC, a damaged marble statue of an Archaic kore from 550-500 BC, a fragmented bronze statue portraying a youthful Alexander the Great from the second half of the 2nd century AD, and an Archaic marble head of either a kore or a sphinx from 550-500 BC.

The repatriation of these precious antiquities marks a significant milestone in the ongoing efforts to safeguard and preserve Greece's cultural heritage, ensuring that these invaluable artifacts are returned to their rightful place in the country's rich historical narrative.

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