Greece gears up for election day on Sunday, with polls opening at 7:00

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With fewer than 24 hours remaining until the start of voting in the May 21 general elections in Greece, the voting process began on Saturday with the votes cast by Greeks registered to vote abroad.

Everything is ready in 21,529 polling stations where some 9.8 million voters are registered to elect the deputies of the next Greek parliament. Of this number, 400,000 are first-time voters and nearly 22,000 are exercising their electoral right abroad.
Pollings stations in Greece are scheduled to open at 7:00 on Sunday and will shut at 19:00 on Sunday evening. Those eligible to vote must have turned 17 within 2023 and be registered in the municipal electoral rolls.
According to the Constitution, exercising the right to vote is mandatory for all, barring those above 70, persons who are not in the country on the day of the elections and those unable to travel due to ill health and those who have registered to vote outside their municipality but have no polling station to cast their vote because the minimum of 40 voters is lacking.
Voters can find out which polling station they are registered to vote in online ( or via the 24-hour phone lines 2131361500 and 2131313800. They must also carry a valid ID (ID card, passport, driving license etc), including a digital ID.

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