22 May 337 - Constantine the Great, Emperor of Rome (306-37) dies at 47

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Constantine is famous for founding the city of Constantinople (present day Istanbul) originally known as Byzantium.

He is also known for his role in ending the persecution of Christians in the Roman Empire and for converting to Christianity himself. Constantine's conversion to Christianity had a significant impact on the religion's growth and recognition within the empire.

Prior to his death, Constantine had been ruling the empire for over three decades, during which he instituted many reforms that significantly impacted the structure and administration of the Roman Empire. He was responsible for establishing a new form of government and brought stability to the empire, which had been plagued by internal conflict and struggles for power.

Constantine was a great military leader and strategist, and he expanded the boundaries of the Roman Empire significantly during his reign. The most famous of his military victories was the Battle of Milvian Bridge, which he won in 312 AD, and it was during this battle that Constantine had his famous vision of the cross in the sky.

This vision is often seen as a turning point in his life, and it is believed to have played a significant role in his conversion to Christianity.Overall, Constantine the Great is remembered as one of the most influential and significant emperors in the history of the Roman Empire.

His legacy continues to live on, particularly in the religious and architectural accomplishments that he brought about during his reign, which still have a noticeable impact on the world today.