Maria Menounos Fulfils Her Father Kostas' Dream By Celebrating His Name Day In Greece

Maria Her Dad

Maria Menounos is a well-known Greek American television personality and journalist. A wonderful celebration for Maria Menounos, her family and friends with a dinner gathering to celebrate her father's name day, a special way to honor her Greek heritage and spend quality time with loved ones.

Maria Kosta
Maria with her father Kostas *Image by Thanos Georgiou

During this time of celebration, Maria Menounos enjoyed immersing herself in Greek traditions, such as indulging in delicious Greek cuisine, participating in lively dances, and engaging in heartfelt conversations with her family and friends. It's a chance for her to reconnect with her Greek identity and create lasting memories.

Receiving a Greek passport is a significant event for Maria Menounos as it signifies her connection to her Greek roots and allows her to enjoy the benefits of Greek citizenship. Having dual citizenship can open up opportunities for travel, work, and cultural experiences in both the United States and Greece.

It was quite exciting for me to attend her party, meet her in person as well as cover it representing Greek City Times.

We have some exclusive photos from the party.

Photo Credit: Thanos Georgiou

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