Olympiacos was defeated by Real Madrid at the Euroleague basketball finals in Lithuania


Olympiacos FC was defeated by Real Madrid by one point at the Euroleague basketball finals in Lithuania on Sunday evening.

Real Madrid made the final basket 3.1 seconds at the final four and won the championship, its 11th Euroleague victory.

The score was as follows (Olympiacos-Real Madrid): 24-17, 45-45, 63-59, and 78-79.

The game started with Olympiacos in control, getting a 19-10 advantage, and Isiah Canaan on the day of his birthday already scoring three three-pointers in four attempts after the first six minutes of action.

With another three, this time by Kostas Papanikolaou and a sweet hook by Sasha Vezenkov, Olympiacos pushed the lead to 24-14. The first quarter ended with Olympiacos being up by seven (24-17) after a shot by Mario Hezonja.

Things changed totally at the start of the second quarter. With Olympiacos’ shots not falling and Sergio Rodriguez entering the court, Real Madrid had a 14-5 run and the “Whites” got the 31-29 lead.

The game's tone changed, Madrid got even a five-point cushion (45-40), but Olympiacos answered back and, after a three by McKissic, tied it all at 45. The first half ended with this score and Sergio Llull shooting an airball.

Vezenkov already had 15 points and Shaq McKissic 10 more for Olympiacos, while Mario Hezonja finished the first half with 12 points, and Walter Tavares already had seven points and seven rebounds.

A shoot-out

With nothing easy in the paint for both sides, the shooting contest continued, with Olympiacos momentarily getting a 57-52 lead and closing the third period with a four-point lead (63-59).

And then Sasha Vezenkov scored his first three of the game, having already 25 points and making the score 68-61. The gym erupted with Olympiacos fans cheering, Real Madrid got a timeout with eight minutes left, and Fabien Causeur answered with a three.

Still, Olympiacos never let Real Madrid get into shooting distance entering the last four minutes leading 74-70. That changed only in the closing seconds, with Madrid having the ball with 12 seconds left, trailing by one.

Sergio Llull took the ball and gave Real the 79-78 lead with just 3 seconds left. It proved enough, with Kostas Sloukas missing at the buzzer.

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