Why Mount Athos is grey on the blue-dominated electoral map of Greece

Mount Athos

New Democracy painted blue 58 of Greece's 59 constituencies; however, a part of the electoral map always remains "grey" - Mount Athos.

For the first time, almost the entire electoral map of Greece was painted blue. New Democracy took the lead in 58 out of 59 constituencies, the exception being Rodopi, where SYRIZA prevailed. However, if you look more closely at the map, you will see that the third leg of Halkidiki is painted grey.

Why is this happening? Mount Athos is the self-governing part of the Athos Peninsula, which 20 Holy Monasteries govern. Its administration is exercised by representatives of the Holy Monaries, who constitute the Holy Community.

The elections, therefore, do not disturb the peace and life of the monks on Mount Athos, who traditionally refrain from voting.

The Holy Community does not allow polling stations to be set up within the self-governing part of the Athos Peninsula and is therefore shown in gray on the electoral map of Greece.

Of course, those monks who wish can vote outside Mount Athos, at the local polling stations where they are registered. However, this rarely happens.

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