Kyriakos Grizzly: Meet the POWERFUL Greek strongman! (VIDEOS)

Kyriakos Kapakoulakis, Kyriakos Grizzly

Kyriakos Grizzly is a Greek beast from Athens and has gained internet notoriety due to the massive weights he lifts and his unconventional form.

Kyriakos Kapakoulakis, popularly known as Kyriakos Grizzly, is a Greek strongman/powerlifter who has been taking the internet by storm for the last couple of years. Proto Thema reported that he uses unconventional exercises to build up his strength, and his physique is nothing short of astonishing.

He once stepped on a scale that said FULL, which means he is over 200kg, the limit for the weight scale.

The powerlifter frequently posts videos of his crazy training regime on YouTube using heavy weights to increase strength.

Kyriakos Kapakoulakis, Kyriakos Grizzly

Kyriakos has also posted boxing footage and seems to be a heavy hitter, I can guarantee you wouldn’t wanna fight this guy or meet him in some dark alley at night – or day for that matter…

He has gained a large following on YouTube because his unconventional workouts draw attention and entertain the aficionados of the sport.

But to be fair to him, he also posts some videos of himself doing more conventional exercises such as the bench press and squats.

Kyriakos Kapakoulakis, Kyriakos Grizzly

Whatever one says about his form or methods, one thing is for sure, the dude is one strongman. There is no denying that his weight isn’t just fat there is also some serious muscle and strength there.

In one video he is pushing a sleight weighing over 800kg!!

It all started around eight years ago when he started posting his training videos to YouTube. His bench press video of him benching 200kg’s was his first popular video, as he used a pad on the bar, bounced the weight of his stomach instead of doing clean reps.

Kyriakos doesn’t lift lightweights. Everything this ‘beast’ posts are videos of him lifting serious weight.

His most popular quote is ” You have to live it” and he definitely does live it and his homonymous video has over 1 million views on YouTube.

But his most viewed video on his channel is quite funny, as the first part comes from a completely unrelated interview of a woman who says “I know what men can do when they are angry”.

Then Kyriakos Grizzly comes lifting heavyweights, roaring and screaming.

Most strongmen and many powerlifters have fat on their bodies. Kyriakos Grizzly is no different, this guy definitely does not care about having a six-pack because he cares more about building strength and muscle mass.

Maybe it’s time he seriously considered entering the arena of the world’s strongest man competition. We are pretty sure he would leave an impression on the event.

You should check out his YouTube channel.

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