A Steyr production plant could be opening in Greece (VIDEO)


A few days ago, the defence and security exhibition DEFEA 2023 occurred in Athens. The world's leading companies active in the defence sector attended an exhibition with equipment and vehicles.

Among others, the Saracakis Group was also present, not with... Honda and Mitsubishi but with the company Arquus. This French company has been active for more than 100 years in military vehicle manufacturing.

The Saracakis Group is in advanced discussions with Arquus as there is a serious possibility of cooperation to build a vehicle assembly plant in Greece. The two companies have focused on producing the VLRA utility truck, which could replace the obsolete Steyrs.

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"Such investment makes sense"

As you will hear Ioannis Saracakis say, there is even discussion of the possibility of manufacturing parts of the military vehicles of the said company in Greece and in cooperation with Greek companies.

"I think we have serious chances (of building a factory in Greece). Economically, such an investment makes sense for the Greek economy but also for the army, which will result in the security of supply," emphasised Saracakis.

"We are also in consultation with another country that is likely to combine the needs of the two countries," he added.

The news is revealing and the final decisions may be a matter of months in order for what Ioannis Sarakakis revealed to begin to take shape. It should be noted that the Greek group has a lot of experience in the production of vehicles, which it did in the past in large volumes.

Watch the statements of Ioannis Saracakis regarding the construction of a factory of military vehicles in Greece:

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