Victor Vernicos rated Andrew Lambrou and Cyprus at Eurovision with 2 - His justification

Victor Vernicos, Andrew Lambrou

Victor Vernicos rated, in a recent interview, the appearance of Andrew Lambrou as representative of Cyprus in this year's Eurovision with a two out of 12.

With a post on Instagram, the 16-year-old representative of Greece in the competition, who was eliminated in the semi-final, wrote:

"Hey guys on an interview I did I gave 2 points to Cyprus out of my 12 while I was rating which performances I loved in order from - MY EXPERIENCE - IN THE STADIUM - on the night of the final.

"That means 9th overall in the whole contest (an amazing place which I did not manage to reach this year)

"Cyprus actually came under the top 10 in the contest.

"I believe Cyprus should have been in the top 10 cause I think it was amazing and I love Andrew Lambrou and Cyprus in Eurovision this year."

Check out his post:

5 54

The appearance of Andrew Lambrou

The 12 points from the Greek public and the comments on Twitter

After the final, the 4 points that the members of the Greek jury gave to Andrew Lambrou divided the public. The five-member jury gave 12 points to Belgium, while it awarded Cyprus... just 4 points.

On the contrary, the Greek television audience generously gave away the... traditional 12.

With this rating, Cyprus was limited to 12th place with 126 points, just three points away from entering the top ten. Several took to Twitter to express their disappointment with the Greek jury, which did not respect the… traditions and by extension deprived Cyprus of a place in the top ten of the final.

How the Greek jury voted

Greece's jury voted for Eurovision 2023 as follows:

Serbia - 1
Switzerland - 2
Albania - 3
Cyprus - 4
Australia - 5
Sweden - 6
Austria - 7
Israel - 8
Portugal - 10
Belgium - 12

How did the jury vote Greek TV audience

Czech Republic – 1
Armenia – 2
France – 3
Albania – 4
Italy – 5
Norway – 6
Israel – 7
Sweden – 8
Finland – 10
Cyprus – 12

See comments on Greece's rating in Cyprus on Twitter:

Us after the four we gave to Cyprus

Shame was also shamed. ERT did shit this year

After the 4th in Cyprus


What a debauchery from the Greek committee!!! Shame.

If Greece gave Cyprus the 12 points it objectively deserved, Cyprus would finish in the top ten. Pity. Well done to @AndrewLambrou3 !!!

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