Dog in Thassos was chasing a seagull that stole a croissant (VIDEO)


A different and unlikely chase took place in Thassos after a dog followed a "winged thief", specifically a seagull. In fact, it is not the first time that this has happened.

The seagull's activity is well-known in the Port of Thassos since the residents have spotted him a few times removing from the kiosk area with his beak everything from shrimps to croissants.

According to GRTimes, in this particular case, however, which was recorded by a resident of Thassos, the seagull found his… trouble, as a dog seems to have noticed his… illegal action and started to chase him!

The incredible scene with the seagull carrying the croissant in its beak and running and the dog chasing was published on Kavala News.

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