Where does Greece rank in the survey on how many Europeans bathe daily?

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Summer is here, and a new topical survey studies the personal cleanliness of citizens from various European countries by asking if they bathe daily.

The three summer months can often become unbearable due to the heat, especially in Greece, where the temperatures are usually relatively high during this period; almost all of us are looking for solutions to cool off. The daily shower is one of them.

We're counting down until we get home, take off our clothes and go in for a shower.

But what happens in different European countries and how often do their citizens bathe? This is according to a new survey retweeted by user Xavi Ruiz and titled "Percentage of people showering/bathing daily in Europe".


Therefore, this research shows the European map with various colours. The Italians are in first place among the citizens who bathe daily, with a percentage reaching and exceeding 95%.

A little further down, with a percentage between 85% and 94%, we see the Portuguese, while Greece and Spain share the third place with a percentage of people who bathe daily between 75% and 84%.

From then on, as we especially go up to the north of the European continent, the percentage drops dramatically, with most countries below 65%. Nevertheless, France also makes an impression on the list of countries where their citizens almost never bathe daily!

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