"What to do in Mykonos if you don't have money": The video of a tourist on TikTok

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As every year, Mykonos already this year has its fair share Greek and - mainly - foreign tourists, who are constantly arrive at the airport and the port of the island to enjoy a few days of vacation.

The "Island of the Winds" consistently welcomes the biggest influencers on the planet, who don't stop uploading photos and videos on social media from their vacations. This certainly makes more and more desirable for "common mortals" who want to experience some of the magic of the place.

To be able to enjoy all that Mykonos has to offer, however, you will have to dig deep into your pocket. Most people probably don't consider this before setting foot on the island, so they are not left with many things to do.

A typical example is a tourist from abroad, who recently traveled to Mykonos with her friend and was shocked by the high prices of the island, is shown on TikTok.


At least the street is cute

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In fact, in a video she uploaded to her TikTok account and went viral, we see them sitting on the steps of a staircase in an alley of the island doing nothing.

"pov you're in Mykonos but everything is so overpriced this is the afternoon activity," she captioned the video, sparking a firestorm of comments.

"Hey, you wanted Mykonos," wrote one user, while another commented that "honestly all the Greek islands are beautiful and not as overpriced as Mykonos."

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