Canadian lawmakers highlight human rights violations in Pakistan

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A group of Canadian lawmakers on Saturday highlighted human rights violations in Pakistan, reported The News International.

In a letter addressed to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, 16 members of the Canada-Pakistan Parliamentary Friendship Group called for immediate action to address the issue.

In their letter, they highlighted the importance of the right to peaceful protest and condemned all incidents of violence, arbitrary arrests, and the need for fair trials in civilian courts in Pakistan, reported The News.

The letter comes as the Pakistan government’s crackdown continues against the PTI leaders and workers. Talking to the media outside his residence, Imran Khan said over 7,500 workers, including women, of his party have been arrested by police.

The letter even drew attention to a recent ruling by the Supreme Court of Pakistan, which deemed the arrest of PTI chief and former prime minister Imran Khan illegal and unjust.

They stressed the significance of people having the autonomy to determine their own destiny through free and fair elections, and the people of Pakistan deserve the same, reported The News.

The lawmakers have urged Prime Minister Trudeau to address the grave issues of violence, arbitrary arrests, and the need for fair trials in civilian courts.

It underscored the essential nature of democracy, the rule of law, and freedom of expression in any society, calling for these principles to be upheld without compromise in Pakistan, reported The News.

Canadian lawmakers condemned all acts of violence in Pakistan and expressed their distress over the illegal arrests of innocent civilians, journalists, activists, and political leaders.

They specifically highlight the targeting of women and children, urging that their rights be protected. The lawmakers assert that those charged with crimes should be given a fair and transparent trial in civilian courts, respecting due process and the independence of the legal system, reported The News.

Along with highlighting the time-hallowed friendly relations between Canada and Pakistan, the lawmakers urged Prime Minister Trudeau to reaffirm Ottawa’s commitment to justice, democracy, and human rights, both within Pakistan and globally.

They hoped that Prime Minister Trudeau would play his part as an advocate of democracy and justice and anticipated a timely and substantive response from him. 

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