The Citroën My Ami Buggy in Greece!

Citroën My Ami Buggy

Citroën 'My Ami Buggy' has no doors or roof and thus gives a sense of freedom, while also standing out with its special khaki colour with yellow body details.

This car came and changed everything at a unique price! Premium SUV with first installment four months after… Who said you pay dearly for luxury? Who said good cars are expensive? Still waiting to get it?

At the same time, a series of elements reinforce its adventurous character, such as the protectors on the wheel arches, reinforced bumpers, as well as the distinctive gold wheel covers.

This new special edition is equipped with many additional exclusive accessories, such as transparent door covers to protect passengers from the rain, a removable zippered bag for storing small everyday items, which is securely placed in the centre of the steering wheel.

The sale will start on June 20 at 10 am through the Citroën Ami site

The record that remains to be broken is 2 minutes and 53 seconds. That is because that's how long it took the fastest customer to complete the purchase process in 2022.

The first deliveries to customers will take place in September.

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With the spirit of a true explorer, the Citroën 'My Ami Buggy', as mentioned above, confirms its adventurous character thanks to its khaki body colour and black protective elements on the wheel arches, bumpers and sills, roof spoiler and black decorations on the lights and upper part of the body.

Its personality is also characterised by the vibrancy and freshness provided by the bright yellow details found on the outside (embossing on the front and directional arrows on the wheel arches) and on the inside (storage compartments, bag holder hook and decorative stitching on the seats and floor mats ).

Citroën has gone one step further in the design of the new special edition 'My Ami Buggy', both inside and out, adopting a number of special features. Door covers for added protection.

This limited edition is based on the basic principle of freedom: no doors and no roof - so that one can enjoy their free time and feel as close to nature as possible, together with a pleasant sense of freedom.

However, to protect against weather conditions there are also protective equipment elements. New zipped plastic covers are designed to protect passengers from the weather.

These come in addition to the corresponding roof protection, in order to close the cabin and protect the passengers from wind, cold or rain. For everyday use, when passengers want fresh air, they simply fold back the covers and then attach them to the door pillars with clips.

In case they are not needed, the covers can be completely removed and stored in a garage.

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An intelligent roof closing system has been created for easy use. The fabric roof in black is waterproof and has a zipper, so it is practical and easy to handle.

Fully integrated into the overall design of the model, thanks to the elasticity of the fabric, the roof cover perfectly matches the style of the vehicle. Even when rolled up, it rests firmly on the back of the vehicle.

New door and roof frames The door and roof panels have been differentiated to accommodate the transparent door covers and soft roof fabric to blend seamlessly with the bodywork for a perfect appearance and refined finish.

At the front, the roof frame has been extended to form a sun visor for the occupants.

The display with the information regarding the battery status of the "My Ami Buggy" and the driving speed, is still located on the steering column but has a new arched lid with a retro feel.

Smart storage system from the original AmiBuggy

The new version of 'My Ami Buggy' includes a special luggage element in bright yellow that was introduced in the original Ami Buggy: a bag, which fits into the hollow shape of the center of the steering wheel. This additional storage compartment, which also has a zipper, can be used to store personal items.

An Ami speaker and new accessories The Ultimate Ears Boom is a lightweight Bluetooth speaker that can be easily carried anywhere. Music lovers will appreciate the powerful and immersive 360° sound.

Waterproof and robust, with 15 hours of battery life, it will provide background music in the most memorable moments of the routes and beyond. The speaker inside the "My Ami Buggy" finds its place in a special case on the dashboard, behind the steering wheel.

As we said 'My Ami Buggy' will be available for sale on June 20th and due to extremely limited availability it will be on a first come, first served basis.

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