Panos Mouzourakis: The church and the estate where the singer will marry - Video and photos

panos mouzourakis

On May 27, Panos Mouzourakis and Marilou Kozari will get married in Aegina, shortly before they have their first child.

The preparations have already started, and according to Proto Thema, the wedding will take place in the church of the Holy Apostles with over 400 guests and six best men.

Watch the video:

The pre-wedding party is expected to take place on Friday, while the party after their wedding will take place in the ultra-luxurious Saliareli Tower of the island.

See photos of the church and the estate:

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More details about the wedding of the couple were recently presented by the show "Breakfast @Star" and everything indicates that it will not be a ceremony that will take place in a close circle.

According to a reporter of the show, there will be six groomsmen at the wedding. Two of them will be friends of Marilou Kozaris, while the other four people will be people from the singer's side.

According to the same report, the guests will be over 300 people and among them will be Marilou Kozaris' friend and presenter Katerina Kainourgiou, as well as Sakis Rouvas, Katia Zygouli, Eleonora Zouganelis, Kostis Maraveyas and Tonia Sotiropoulou.

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