Where did Alexis Tsipras' Range Rover come from?

Alex Tsipras SYRIZA Range Rover

The now famous Range Rover Sport, with which Alexis Tsipras drives, has a criminal history that would surprise most.

The leader of the opposition SYRIZA party drives a 2016 Range Rover Sport and News Auto has dug up the vehicle's history.

First, it is one of Range Rover's most popular models and is recognised for its luxury, comfort and amazing ability to perform on and off-road.

Engine and Performance: The Range Rover Sport has a turbo engine, a 3.0-liter V6 and a 3.0-liter V6 turbodiesel.

Its interior is known for its luxury and comfort. Carefully selected leather upholstery, high-quality surfaces and attention to detail are what make it stand out. It also offers plenty of space for passengers and their luggage.

According to News Auto, the specific car came into the hands of the head of the opposition, from the confiscated cars of the former Organisation for Public Property Management (ODDY), specifically from those confiscated from convicted drug dealers.

In fact, the process of liquidating the assets from the specific cases (drugs, etc.) is done in record time, compared to other cases such as confiscations for financial reasons, etc.

We do not know if he was given the option to choose between different cars, which is common for officials of the Greek Parliament.

Note that these cars are often the product of criminal activity, as drug dealers use their market to launder the proceeds of drug sales.

Recently a major operation by the police against a network of drug dealers in Eastern Europe - which also operates in Greece - led to the seizure of almost 20 luxury cars including five Audi Q7s, two Range Rovers and two BMW X5s.

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