Google: Top searches made by Greeks in 2023


The general manager of Google Southeast Europe, Peggy Antonakou, revealed the searches with the biggest increase in 2023.

Speaking to ERT and the show "Studio 4", she mentioned that these figures refer to searches from January to May, while it is not about the searches with the largest absolute numbers but those with the largest increase during the year.

In order, the searches are:

- Market Pass

- Survivor Spoiler

- ChatGPT

- Where do I vote

- Master Chef

- Greek Cup

- My style rocks

- Tempi

- AEK - Olympiacos

"What is?"

In searches with the phrase "what is?" everything from pension information to an added food preservative is listed.

- What is Chat GPT

- What is carrageenan

- What is personal difference

- What is sparring

- What is State ballot

- What is porter

- What is colugo

- What is autism

- What is mobbing

- What is ramen


In the searches with "why" their honorifics have mainly medical issues but also issues concerning traditions.

- Why do we eat cod on March 25th

- Why is bread rubbed

- Why do we dye red eggs at Easter

- Why do my eyes tear

- Why does my eye fly

- Why do I keep getting sleepy

- Why does my nose bleed

- Why do we fly a kite

- Why do we skewer a lamb at Easter

- Why do our fingers go numb

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