THESSALONIKI: Souvlaki shop closed down after 24 years: "I'm ashamed to sell a sandwich for five euros"

pita gyros Thessaloniki

A well-known souvlaki shop in Thessaloniki has closed after 24 years as the entrepreneur can no longer afford the costs.

After 24 years of catering, the well-known Matzaris souvlaki house can no longer afford the operating costs, as the owner states in his post on social media.

"Operating costs have now disappeared. The smallest increase in our raw material is 120% and in energy five times up," said the owner of the shop in the Polichni neighbourhood.

"Because of this price I can't put it in the store because I feel ashamed towards the customer to ask them 5 euros for a sandwich and since I can't sell the product properly for the business to be sustainable I made the decision to to close and leave after 24 years in catering, five shops behind me and with over 60 staff in total in all these shops."

See the store's post:

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