Harry Maguire to Remain in UK for Retrial following Assault Conviction Quashed in Greece


Harry Maguire, the Manchester United captain and England defender, will not be travelling to Greece for his retrial following his quashed conviction for assaulting a police officer. Instead, he will remain in the UK as he prepares to appear in court via video link.

The incident involving Maguire occurred while he was on holiday with his family in Mykonos in 2020. He was arrested and subsequently handed a 21-month suspended sentence for his involvement in a brawl. Maguire claimed that he believed he was being 'kidnapped' while being arrested, which was met with scepticism by the authorities.

Maguire's appeal means that he does not currently have a criminal record in Greece. However, the retrial could change that and potentially lead to stricter consequences.

Despite the charge being quashed, Maguire has maintained his innocence and hopes to clear his name in court. He will be represented by lawyers during the retrial.

The trial will take place in June on the picturesque neighbouring island of Syros.

However, there is reportedly no requirement for him to attend in person.

Maguire claimed that he was protecting his sister Daisy after she had supposedly been approached by two men and injected with an unknown substance and began to pass in and out of consciousness.

He insists he is innocent of committing any crime and claims police beat him upon being arrested.

The Man United skipper further stated he was hit in the legs and told his playing career was over.

The England international was previously found guilty of assaulting a police officer during an incident that took place outside of a bar.

Maguire recounted the ordeal to the BBC upon returning from Greece three years ago, stating: 'It was horrible - it's nothing I ever want to do again.

'I don't wish it on anybody. Its the first time I've ever been inside a prison.