Mouzourakis-Kozari: The passionate kiss and dance of the newlyweds - Watch the video

Panos Mouzourakis, Marilou Kozari

Yesterday Panos Mouzourakis got married to Marilou Kozari in Aegina. Their wedding took place in the holy church of Agioi Apostolos on the island and the celebration took place in the ultra-luxurious Villa Saliarelis.

The couple's guests exceeded 500, with many coming from acting, television and, generally, Greek show biz.

The Instagram of the guests was "on fire" with photos and videos of the newlyweds.

The close friend of Panos Mouzourakis, Panos Sourounis, published a photo with the kiss of the couple in love, but also a video of their dance.

Check out his posts:

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The groom appeared excitedly in the church and did not stop greeting the guests. Arriving at the church in a convertible vintage car, the pregnant bride was applauded by friends and family, as is customary.

Watch the video:

Watch video of the couple leaving the church

Among the guests were also figures from Greek showbiz, including Marilou Kozari's friend and presenter, Katerina Kainourgiou, as well as Eleonora Zouganelis with her father, Giannis, Kostis Maraveyas and Tonia Sotiropoulou, Giorgos Kapoutzidis, Dimitra Matsouka, Dimitra Papadopoulou, Smaragda Karydis, Matina Nikolaou and many more.

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