New Inspections on Mykonos Target Large Coastal Businesses

Principote Mykonos

A new round of inspections by the Environment Ministry began a few days ago on the island of Mykonos, focusing on large coastal businesses that were previously checked for planning violations in mid-April. The inspections aim to identify any new irregularities and ensure the enforcement of the law on urban planning.

Lohan Beach House was fined nearly 2 million euros for a complex of illegal auxiliary buildings occupying almost 1,000 square meters. Alemagou was fined €432,400 for construction and maintenance violations, while Solymar and SantAnna were fined a total of €265,914 for similar infractions. JackieO', on the other hand, was found to have only committed minor violations and was fined a total of €8,560.

One damaging finding was that the illegal facilities, for which businesses had reached settlements in the past, were significantly greater than those which were within the bounds of the law. Additionally, these settlements lead to nowhere as they are not monitored or controlled by anyone.

The businesses involved in the inspections can challenge the findings by appealing to the Central Planning Board (KESYPOTHA) and request compliance if they wish.

Principote Faces Additional Criminal Charges Following Fresh Inspections

Following a new round of inspections targeting urban planning violations in Mykonos, the prosecutor has formed a new case file against Principote. The establishment was found attempting to conceal cement violations with sand. A few days ago, inspectors from the Environment Ministry began a fresh cycle of inspections, following similar operations in mid-April. The new round of inspections focused on large coastal establishments on the island.

While other businesses such as Lohan Beach House, Pasaji, Alemagou, Solymar, SantAnna, and JackieO’ were also fined for various illegal constructions and maintenance violations, the case against Principote is of particular note.

Business representatives of the establishments involved have the option to challenge the findings before the Central Planning Board or request compliance. Courts may also overturn the findings in an appeal if the businesses involved provide adequate justifications.

The inspection findings highlight the persistence of construction violations in Greece's major tourism destinations, emphasizing the need for monitoring and enforcement of the law.


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