Greek Citizens Living Abroad to Enjoy Early Voting Rights in Upcoming National Elections

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Greek citizens residing abroad will once again have the opportunity to exercise their voting rights one day before the national elections, following the successful implementation of this system in the previous election held last week. This new provision aims to ensure that Greek expatriates have a say in shaping their home country's future.

Currently, there are 22,857 individuals already registered on the special electoral rolls for overseas voters. Additionally, around 7,000 late applicants, who missed the deadline for the previous election, will be granted the chance to cast their votes in the upcoming election. This influx of late applicants brings the total number of eligible voters abroad to approximately 30,000.

To accommodate this surge in registrations, the Ministry of Interior will prepare new lists to include the late applicants who meet the necessary criteria. The increase in the number of registered voters may also necessitate the establishment of additional polling stations. A minimum of 40 voters is typically required to set up a polling station. Therefore, with the growing number of eligible voters, more stations may be established to ensure a smooth voting process.

In the recent election held in Australia, the New Democracy party secured 54.40% of the votes, MeRA25 received 15.20%, KKE got 9.60%, and SYRIZA obtained 6.40%. These results showcase the diverse political preferences of Greek citizens residing in different parts of the world.

To participate in the upcoming by-election, applicants whose registration was approved at least 12 days before the election announcement will be eligible to vote. This timeline ensures that the necessary administrative procedures are completed on time.

Greek expatriates whose applications were rejected had the right to file an objection and request inclusion in the electoral rolls until May 26, utilizing the platform.

It is crucial to note that individuals who have applied for registration on the overseas electoral rolls, regardless of their participation in the previous election, are subject to the request for deregistration or suspension.

As for those currently applying for registration on the foreign lists, the process differs. These individuals will not be eligible to participate in the June 25 elections. According to Article 101 of Law 5003/2022 (A΄230), registrations or changes made less than 12 days before the election announcement will be included in the special foreign electoral rolls after the elections have taken place. Thus, their registration on the special overseas electoral rolls will be completed later.

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