Panos Mouzourakis: Video and photos from the beach party after his wedding

Panos Mouzourakis

One day after they got married, Panos Mouzourakis and Marilou Kozari continue to celebrate with their guests, who travelled to Aegina for the happy event.

Earlier on Sunday, the singer made his first statements after the wedding. While inside his car, he stopped to speak to waiting reporters.

"How is the first day after your wedding?" they asked him, with Panos Mouzourakis answering: "I haven't had time to live it and enjoy it, but we are very happy, very happy. Do you know poetry? Did you like the poem I wrote... Didn't it say everything that needed to be said?'

"Of course, with respect," answered a reporter and then with his well-known humour, the singer added: "I don't have a mandarin to give you like Aris Servetalis".

Watch the video:

Panos Mouzourakis and his wife arrived at the party that takes place on the beach of Aegina and the paparazzi camera captured them walking in each other's arms.

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The guests at the beach party

Among the first to arrive were Fani Halkia with Loui Karamanos and their son, as well as Kiki Tsolka.

Later, Giorgos Kapoutzidis and Kostis Maraveya's brother, Nikos, arrived. They were followed by Michalis Iatropoulos and Katerina Kalkana.

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Photos from Proto Thema.

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