Giannis Spaliaras took a photo on the luxury boat that Elon Musk vacationed on

Giannis Spaliaras

Giannis Spaliaras was in Mykonos where he combined work and holidays. The model and actor posed for a swimwear and clothing company, and for the needs of the photoshoot, the boat that Elon Musk had rented when he came to the Cycladic island was used.

In fact, Giannis Spaliaras uploaded a related video on Instagram where he wonders if he or Musk does it better.

He was accompanied on his trip to Mykonos by his beloved, with whom he shares many interests as she is also a gymnast.

The model enjoyed his stay on the island and had fun with his good friends, Gogo Farmaki and Thanos Birkos, the actor who plays Tolis in Sasmos.

Giannis had fun until the early hours of the morning.

Watch Mykonos Live TV video:

Check out his Instagram post:

Giannis Spaliaras

Giannis Spaliaras

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