Greek driver discovers used car was sold with incorrect mileage - Watch the video

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Another used car buyer found out that the vehicle he purchased does not show the actual mileage. This particular case, however, is the absolute audacity of a pretentious seller.

These sellers tarnish the rest of the vehicle trading industry, the majority of which work with honesty and ethics. In fact, honest dealers lose thousands of euros to fraudsters since the astute ones sell the same cars at lower prices to compete with the cars that had their odometers wound back.

The video released by a Tik Tok account says it all!

In a check done on this particular car, the actual kilometres that the history cross-checking program came up with are almost 654,000, while the odometre shows 227,000 kilometers.

Watch the incredible video:

In Greece, as in many other countries, the phenomenon of turning the kilometres - mainly - on imported used vehicles is a problem that worries both buyers and the authorities. Buyers, attracted by in buying a car with lower mileage and more economy, may buy cars that have suffered severe use and wear.

This problem is caused by sellers who fraudulently lower the mileage of cars in order to increase their market value. This practice, in addition to deceiving buyers, creates significant safety issues as a car with a lot of mileage may need to refurbish or replace some important components.

The Greek authorities are trying to combat this phenomenon in various ways...

On September 26, 2019, for example, the government through a Ministerial Decision decided on an important change: when it was found that the inspected vehicle had been falsified in the mileage, the inspection was stopped and the owner had the obligation to correct the odometer within 20 days and then had to come back for a recheck​​​​

This is what the owner of the above car will be forced to do, losing a lot of money from its value...

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